Tara Keats

Co Owner/ Lash Artist/ Educator

Tara has been lashing since 2015.  Practicing after hours and during spare time, she became passionate about perfecting her art.  Tara has done lashes in various studios, including her own home for a year.  She decided to pursue her dream to own classy, downtown lash studio.  In 2017, she was awarded a government grant to expand her studio and incorporate Classic Lash training into her business.  Along with her business partner Trista, they found their perfect location and got to work. In summer 2018, they opened their doors.  

Tara lives in Lindsay with her husband and their 2 kids.  She loves cats and travelling with her family.  She believes that ongoing education is the key to success in the lash industry.

Trista Bartholomew

Co Owner/ Lash Artist /Educator

Trista has been lashing since 2017.  Trista started as a client with Tara in 2016 and hit it off right away.  In 2017, Trista took an interest in lashes and was trained by Tara.  She was a natural, and quickly became a very talented lash artist.  Trista juggled a number of exciting careers, including a Law Clerk and an ECE for Durham Region, but found that her true passion was in lashes.  While working at a studio with Tara, the two decided to make their dreams a reality.  Hard work and determination has paid off, and the lash studio has become a great success.  

Trista lives in Lindsay with her husband and 2 children.